Live in SoCal. Just bought a CPO 2007 X3 with sport and premium packages. Test drove it around the dealer's neighborhood and on the freeway (very short stretch). Seemed fine. The X3 has everything we want, but since we took it home, we've found out that the ride is way too stiff. Our 2000 323Ci and MB CLK350 (both with sport packages) are comfortably stiff, but the X3 redefines stiff!!! When driving on the 10 freeway, the jolts over some of the expansion joints almost make you pop out of your seat. I didn't expect that the ride of the X3 Sport would be so different from the 323Ci Sport.

We have a baby due in December. (We bought the X3 in anticipation of her arrival.) I'm afraid that our baby won't be able to withstand the ride.

Am willing to spend a few grand to improve the ride, any suggestions?