Good day Board,

Have been working with a friend who has a badly misbehaving E34. It's your std. 535i with Motronic. Yet is has horrible running characteristics. First I'm taking care of the ignition system as it's original. Will test compressions, and clean as I go. Also will be replacing the valve cover gasket as it has been my experience to be a pain as it ages. I've been surveying the vacuum system, and it's in dire need of a full redo. While driving it has a run-away rpm issue. Do you think this may be related to the MAF ?. Could it also simply be vacuum leaks ?. What are this models deep, dark issues ?.

Now all this being said, I've spent most of my time underneath BWM L-Jet FI systems with distributors. This system has a throttle plate, but no idle valve. It has the standard idle hoses, but what's with the diagnostic jack on the side of what appears to be an idle valve of sorts ?. I can't locate a cable for the throttle valve, so I'm taking it on faith there's a potentiometer somewhere ?. Or am I just missing something. There's also no electrical connections to the throttle valve package.

If you guys don't mind, I'm going to poke around your archives and get schooled as quickly as possible so I can restore it's driveability.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and resources and advice gratefully welcomes.

GB, A. <img src=" "