I have had my 2007 M5 now for about 2 weeks - unbelievable car. It is my 3rd BMW - also had a 540i and still have a X5. (All 3 are 6 speed manuals). Both previous cars had memory settings but this is my first car with the comfort access option and I guess I have not figured out how to keep my settings in the memory yet.

If I turn on my ventilated seat and/or my active seat feature and then push the "Memory" button on the seat and then the #1 button then the next time I drive the car my active seat setting and ventilated seat setting will come on - but only if I drive the car again within a few hours. After that they don't come back on unless I turn them on.

I have tried hitting the memory button with the ignition off, or on, or in the "radio ready" mode. I have done it with the key fob in the ignition and with it just laying in the car. I only have one key fob currently (the dealership is getting me another one) so it is not a competing key fob signal. The seat settings and mirror settings seem to work fine - its just the ventilated and active seat features that won't stay on.

(I know I can program the active seat to come on everytime I use the ///M button - but I have that programmed to 500 HP and would like to just have these features on when I start the car in the 400 HP mode).

The owner's manual did not help - so hopefully someone with experience can explain to me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks - look forward to moving over from the E39 board.

2004 X5 3.0 6 sp
2000 540i 6 sp