I am looking for help in diagnosing an intermittant starting problem I have on my 88 528e. When I try to start my car, it will crank strong but the car will not start. I will stop cranking the engine and try again after maybe 5 seconds an the same thing may happen again or it may start. It has been doing this for over a year and It may happen once in a couple dozen times starting the engine. I believe I have tried cranking the engine as many as 4 times before it finally started. Once the engine is running it runs smooth and with typical power. I have replaced the both fuel pumps and the filter although not because of this problem. I have also replaced the crankshaft sensor, main and pump relays, thouroughly cleaned all the connections at the battery and on the battery clamps, and replaced the two thermal time switches. I really can't say it is fuel or electrical and it is difficult to make tests because I am usually in need of getting someplace and once the car starts it is like rolling the dice on when this may happen again. I have looked over many of the messages on the forum and did not see any symptoms as I describe. Has anyone experienced this and could you provide some items to check or actions that may keep this car running. By the way, the car has 245K miles but the oil has been changed religiously at 3,000 mile intervals since 45K miles and it doesn't burn or leak any oil.