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    How to find R107 with manual transmission


    Starting today I'm seriously looking for a R107. :)

    However I need some advice because I'm very picky: I want the manual transmission version, which my research here tells me is a gray market Euro import!

    I know it won't be easy and I understand the importance of making sure the conversion was done properly, but I am allergic to automatic transmissions and that's that. :)

    Any hints on where to look for one? What to look for?

    Many thanks,

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    W107 with manual transmission = not

    your are correct - any stick SL in America willbe
    a Gray Market Inport Conversion - and if yer picky,
    you'll not feel good about any Euro car that's been
    here for 15-20 years after it's questionable
    conversion quality. And some to most conversions
    were not done to Mercedes-Benz standards.

    No W107 USA market SL's were available with manual transmission.

    Looks like it's BMW for you.

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    Re: W107 with manual transmission = not

    There were actually a few 350sl's from 1972 that came to America with 4 speeds manuals. They occaisionally pop up on ebay but the ones I've seen have seen better days. I believe the manual gearbox was available on the 350sl until 1976 in Europe. You're more likely to find the 280sl which has the six cylinder engine and is a grey market import. From what I've read though the gearbox isn't best in shifting because of the gates location. Still I wish I had a manual rather than the automatic.

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    Re: W107 with manual transmission = not

    Some time ago I was fortunate acquire a 107 84 280 SL Euro with 5
    speed manual transmission. The original buyer bought it in Germany
    and toured there for the summer and then brought it to USA.

    We only drive it about 6,000 miles per year and it has never ever been in the snow. It has the Euro chrome bumpers and full leather

    We treat it like an airplane and we schedule preventive maintenance each year and some systems renewal even though that is not needed.

    We have never seen another 5 speed 107 in USA.

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    R107 Manual Transmission

    have a 1973 Mercedes 350SL Euro with a 4 speed. Original to the car not a cut and paste. There were only 15,304 350SL cars produced in the Euro market over the 1971 to 1980 production years. I purchased it from a fellow in Alberta Canada who had owned it for quite some time. His story went it was produced in West Germany and sold in Austria it was then purchased there by a Canadian military man who brought it home with him once his tour of duty was completed. There are said to be less that 25% of the total production to be manual. And it is said that less than 25% of those are left hand drive cars. The rest were right hand drive. My wife and I when we purchased it flew to Alberta and drove it all the way home to Ontario. 4000km. What a fun drive. I have a friend of mine with a 1972 350SL also Euro with the same scenarios only automatic. What a difference in cars to drive. The stick is so much fun. It sounds and drives like a north American muscle car with the true Mercedes comfort and class you would expect in a sports car. Not sure what we are doing with it yet.
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