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    heater control valve-

    Need to replace this valve. It is down low and hard to get to in tight space.Brake fluid reservoir in the way.
    What suggestions does anyone have?Is there a special tool?

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    Matt Hernandez
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    just take off the air box and reach under there

    you just need a 13mm wrench to take off the master cylinder if you HAVE to and move it out of the way.
    The bracket that holds the HCV is only 8mm if i recall.
    Or use 1/4 drive extensions/u joint, and socket, its easy just gotta have the right tools for everything.

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    You only need to take off the top to put in the

    new kit. Easy on my 528i.

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    Re: You only need to take off the top to put in the

    This is more of a PITA on an eta. The vacuum brake booster is in the way. When I did one on my 528e, I removed it to work on it. You may be able to unscrew it fom the fire wall and leave the hoses on it. I use 1/4" drive sockets, nut drivers, extensions, and U-joints to work on the hard to reach stuff. As Matt said, take the airbox out to gain more room.

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