Hi Guys
Great forum, I didnít know all this stuff was out there!
Can anyone help with this one, please, as getting to the end of my tether with it!
E65, M62 Engine, misfire no. 5 cylinder, producing engine management light and warning to accelerate gently. Had new coils all round, plugs. Had the hydro valve compensators replaced by BMW, clearly a misdiagnosis, as the fault has returned a few weeks later. Swapping coils about prior to replacing all coils seemed to work, for a day or so, then re-occured. No faith in them anymore, and we have fallen out. Iím about to take the case up with BMW UK, but looking for as much ammunition as possible prior to emailing, preferably with any info you guys may have regarding recalls, etc, or any internal bulletins at BMW regarding misfires on this engine.
One BMW service head at one dealer thinks it will be broken valve spring? Another says he reckons it will be worn intermediate levers / eccentric shafts, and has admitted to me off the record that there was a 2005 internal bulletin on said levers / shafts ?
Any suggestions / experience / diagnosis greatly appreciated!