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    Poor Gas Mileage

    I have purchased a 2008 SRX4 Cadillac. I love the car but the gas mileage has been miserable. I have about 7500KM on it and to date I have not been able to get 14 miles per gallon, usually a lot less. I am 61 years old and not a hotrodder by any means. My range is around 220 miles on a tank of gas. The dealership has said it needs to break in and that the computer shows no problems?? I don't know how they can post gas mileage expectations on the sales room floor and not even be close. I have by the way tried all grades of gas from regular to super premium with little or no difference. Anyone else experiencing this problem. Kind of wish I gone for the V8 instead.

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    Re: Poor Gas Mileage

    I also have a 2008 SRX4 with the 6 cyl. I am getting 18-19mpg average. I use 93 octane to get this mileadge. On interstates I get 21-22 mpg.Also the 10% ethanol added in the gasoline contributes to lesser mpg.Find a gas station that does not have ethanol added to the gasoline.

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