2003 Z4 3.0 38K miles - I'm original owner

In Jan service engine light (yellow) came on. Dealer could not determine cause or find anything wrong. Reset service engine soon light.

Feb - service engine light (yellow) back on - dealer kept car for a week and finally determined secondary air pump was locked up. Assumed pump was faulty and replaced it.

June - same story as in Feb except didn't take as long to determine secondary air pump was locked up. Replaced pump, unable to determine cause.

Oct - Same story - pump currently being replaced. Dealer now somewhat sure problem is corroded connector and possibly a relay. I need to ask about corroded connector. I would think if this has been the problem, it would have been noticed on previous two replacements.

Dealer thinks pumps are failing because they are running constantly (not designed for continuous operation) insteaad of only until engine warms up.

Anybody have similar problems - any thoughts as to cause?

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