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    EFI intake manifold compatibility

    I am currently working with two unmatched Zenith carbs on my 74 E9. I actually have them running reasonably well. However, I have three nagging problems that I have pretty much given up on: cold running (choke adjustments), an idle that seems to want to choose between two values (900 RPM and 1400 RPM, with no reason as to which it settles on), and a rough running (lean miss?) at around 2000 RPM cruising.

    So I am looking to upgrade to EFI. I plan on going with an aftermarket ECU, so my primary problems are finding a intake manifold that will bolt to my E9 head. Can anyone out there share some experience on what will work? My research tells me that any M30-engine intake made before '89 will probably bolt up, but that the intake port shape has a number of times between '74 and '89. Also, I understand the brake booster will interfere with the placement of many intakes. Sharing successes or failures are all appreciated!



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    Re: EFI intake manifold compatibility

    If you are lucky enough to find a '79-'81 528i, 633 or 733 in the wrecking yard, get EVERYTHING, including wire harness, anything attached to the wiring harness, ecu, distributer, cam/valve cover, air filter, metal water line under the intake manifold. You will need a high pressure fuel pump (the donor car may have a good one) and a fuel return line will need to be added. However, going to Weber 32/36 carbs could be much easier, about $400.00 or so.

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