Yeah, so I had my car repainted while I was on vacation for
2 weeks. Looks very nice. Thanks, dudes.

So, first rain we've had since I got back and, uh, I got to
watch my driver's side wiper arm sail off onto the Baltimore/
Washington Parkway at 60mph this morning. Thank god for Rain-X!

Anyway, some vendors want more than $120 for a replacement arm!
Surely there are less expensive alternatives. Any suggestions?
This is a daily driver, so I really want a quick and cheap (but
functional!) solution. I've tried the search engine and get SOME
hits (Trico TR51-151 from 1motormart for $17...sounds too good
to be true).

Second, is it worth it to try and make the body shop buy me
a new one? Is the onus on me to make sure every single thing
they may or may not have disturbed while repainting is put
back on properly? I mean, what the hell, I could've DIED if
it was snowing or dark.