Well I guess I am back. Most of you will have no idea who I am. But I let my E32 go. Just needed too much for a poor college student to fix. SO my cadillacs are gone and my loved Helga, 88 750il is gone. I just got a 87 535is. Normally I hype up a M20 for my E28s, so a big six in the E28 will be new for me, at least to own. This does not mean that I will be doing tech for this board, as I used to, ten years ago. Yes, 10. But I might check in from time to time and see what is going on. And if there is and event in SoCal, I would like to go and bring my BoyFriend (BF) with me.
I must say, it was great fun to be back into a E28 again. But I miss my 750 for sure. And will get a newer one. But until, I will be glad to play 5er again. 88 750iL
87 325ic