Hello fellow 6ers.
My 05 645ci (Garage Queen) with 17k miles is reaching its 3year ownership in two weeks. The dealer is offering me a 3rd party extended warranty for $4,500 plus a $200/ded. I'm not sure about the cost benefits as I've had very minor problems with the car in the past 3 years. The dealer is pitching the fear factor and throwing out transmission, electrical, GPS, radio etc costs of repair. I don't have plans of selling the car anytime soon but don't want a car with problems either. I'm stuck on deciding to get the warranty or not. Out here in CA, I'm seeing used 07's selling for $40k due to the economy. BTW, I did purchase the Mtce warranty for 7yrs 100k 3 years ago but that only covers maintenance. Also, why is my warranty only 3yrs and not 4yrs? Am I being fed a line? Whats your opinion? Extend the warranty or Not? Help me decide.

'05 645ci, Mineral Silver Metallic/Cream Beigh Dakota Leather/Ruthenium Pearl Gloss Wood Trim, Cold Weather Pkg, Premium Audio Sound Pkg(Logic7), Sport Pkg, 6-speed Steptronic, Sirius Satellite Radio, Tinted windows, Star Spoke (Style #92),Hardwired Bell Pro RX65 Radar,T-mobile Tilt HTC 8925 BT/WiFi/PPC/Phone, custom sheep skin seat covers; Top speed 141mph <--handled like driving at 40mph :)!!