Yup, this is a legit request (and no, its not work related).

On a whim I posted some pics and a write up on my old BMW 3.0cs to NYTimes, and I was selected as a finalist in their annual Collectible Cars Contest (didn't even know there was a contest).

As to the process of selection and the prizes for the winner ($5k, feature article, trophy, certificate), all I know is what's provided in the link below.

>My car is the one titled Fast Red Coupe. Pics are so-so; I think the write-up is what got me selected (thanks go to the late Hunter S. Thompson for the writing technique).

>The web site is http://collectiblecars.nytimes.com/Contest/Vote.asp
(If this link doesn't work, you may need to copy and paste into your browser.)

>To vote, you'll need to register. (I've been registered with the NYT for years, and never gotten any related spam.)
Once registered, just click on my car, then click on the vote button.

>You can vote once per day, from now thru Dec 30.

Vote early and vote often!

If I should win, you can bet the pic in the Times will include Max (who's now 2 1/2) and Kade (who's now 8 months) and a long black patch of rubber behind the car.

Pls feel free to forward.