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    help me run a lease number

    2009 cts awd base model leatherette but add heated seats. great with black. cd player and everything else base

    12000 a year 48 months $800 down. In Ohio 44060.

    Help. Thanks

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    Leasing advice

    I am a Finance Manager at a Cadillac dealership, so here's my two cents worth:

    Unless that 38% residual is for 60-66 months, it would be too low to make a lease payment more attractive than a traditional purchase. If the 38% residual is for 60-66 months, the lease term is too long. You should consider a 24 or 36 month term (48 months at the absolute max will keep you under factory warranty the whole term, providing you keep it under 50,000 miles)

    There are no factory supported lease programs at this time, and most major banks are also out of the leasing business. Your best bet is to take the current $2000.00 rebate and finance your purchase. If you currently have any automotive lease expiring before June 30, 2009, there is an additional $4000.00 incentive that can be stacked for a total of $6000.00. These rebates combined with the "Red Tag Discount" (same price that GM Suppliers pay) make it a good time to purchase.

    Financing for a 72 month term would normally keep your payment about the same as a 36 month lease when leasing was supported, but now the purchase payment would be much lower than lease payment. You would probably be able to trade out of the car after 3-4 years with less of a loss than current lease plans are providing, and that would essentially be the same as a 4 year lease.

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