So i just bought the new 2008 650i convertable and has about 2600 miles on it. I was driving home one day on the highway doing about 80. I feel the car start to slow down and i lightly press the gas....nothing.....then put the pedal all the way to the floor and still nothing.....i pull over turn off the car and restart it and it works fine. It happened about 5 other times before finally the car started to buck. Had it towed in for serve they claim it was a faulty wire harness which was sending extra voltage thru the wires and causing the computer to lose its "mind". After having the car 3 weeks they finally told me it was fixed. The next weekend i am driving again and sure as hell it happens again. This time it only happened once. So back to BMW service and they say they did a full diagnoses on the car and everything came back normal and they test drove it (who wouldn't want to drive the 650i conv even at 16 degrees outside) and they couldn't replicate the problem. Anyone have any similar problems with the 650 or any other BMW???