This isn't the first time I've posted about this problem, but alas I will give it another shot...

My car does not like to idle when it is in-between cold and warm. It cold starts fine and idles at about 1000 rpm initially until it gets over its cold-cold start thing. After several minutes at 1000, the rpm drops to about 750 and begins to stumble. The ICV will try to compensate over a few oscillations of the idle but eventually it will stall. I work around this by applying just a slight amount of throttle which stabilizes idle until the engine is at operating temperature. Once at operating temperature, it idles fine and does not stall. Occasionally, the idle will oscillate around 750 rpm when warm but it is normally stable. It does not stall when warm.

If I try to restart the car in the in-between cold and warm stage, it will stall almost immediately unless I apply the throttle.

Iíve replaced the coolant temperature sensor, thermo-time switch, idle control valve, idle control unit, the throttle position switch is good, the oxygen sensor is good, I canít find any vacuum leaks, etc etc.

Could it be the JC chip? Iíve though about this before but Iíve never heard of anyone mentioning it as a problem. Anyone have any other thoughts?

86 528e