this Coupe is by far the worst car I have ever owned with respect to getting traction in snow. But....I really can't blame the car itself, I think its more these performance tire tread patterns we are using that are to blame for this problem.

I don't think I'd ever put a real snowtire on the Coupe because I think it would be way to noisey to live with and sit surely would turn this smooth ride into that of a highspeed John Deere lawn tractor ride.

But maybe an all-season radial would be a better compromise here.
Presently I just don't go on the roads till I see raw pavement. But that would not be the case if I were still doing my daily computing to work.. if that were the case I would have no choice but get the all-season radials or in worst case get them, try them, and then throw them away for a real snow tire.

but it sure is fun spinning around when there's nobody in your way.

anyone here try snowtires out on their coupe yet ?