friend has a 2005 x3 with a little over 60000 onit the 6th cylinder is blown hole in the piston the sparkplug end was melted off, i found this when he called and said his car was skipping , he took it to the dealer who pulled it apart and found the damage to the cylinder and the hole in the piston ,the tech's who have a lot of years at the dealer has never seen this problem , as of thursday bmw says they will pay for the motor but not the labor , which is 3200 , didnt know if any suggestions , this doesnt seem right to hit him with the full labor charge, i have had bmw's for the last 15 years and promote others to buy because of the reliability , i have 5 right now 2 e30's, e36, e46 325xit sport wagon and a 68 1602 ,have had 2 7 series and 5 5 series of diff years all and have never had a engine problem , cant say that about the auto trannys , which i stay away from , my kids both bought ones with automatics and i had to pull both and fix them , but bmw is the only car i can abuse and still keep running , my 88 735i had 365000 on it when i sold it , original engine tranny was changed when i bought the car it had 135000 on it , had a 5 series that had 397000 when sold i get my mileage out of them and friends have seen this and buy because of this , to here a motor fail at 60000 is an insult to bmw the name