Hi all, used to be a regular on the E23 board, but that car gave up the ghost a while back. I've just snagged a 1989 735iL the first of Jan in really nice shape and am slowly working through the various issues (not too many actually) but have one that's confusing me.

I am getting the Check Control message when the car is started and again when shut off. I seem to have all the OBC functions working, stalk switching through those, etc.. But I have no CCM functions, no warnings, no lights left on, key in ignition, nothing... and no gong at all for anything.

I see the :59, max speed, temp warning and all that come up just fine on the cluster automatically as well.

I have (on a whim since it was an easy thing to do) reflowed the solder on the CCM just to see if it'd help, but I've got the same problem still. I'm guessing that either the CCM is bad, or there's something else I need to be looking at that I haven't thought of.

Any and all advise is more than welcome and very much appreciated!! Gerald
'89 735iL Black on Black, '86 Volvo 740GLE (POS)

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