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    Why do you like your E36?

    I came across a German website (http://www.bmw-syndikat.de/bmwsyndikatfotos/forum.asp?lang=en&FORUM_ID=2) which is loaded with pics of all types of E36 cars from owners and obviously lovers of these cars.

    For a 10 to 15+ year old car why do people, myself included, like these cars so much?

    1. Exterior Design/looks? - it still looks good today (though I remember when the shape was first released I didn't love it at first sight)

    2. Ergonomics/design of interior? - I feel really really comfortable in the car, I can reach everything I need from the driver's seat, including the contents of the glove box. The BMW martketing at the time heavily used the term "cockpit" to describe the driver's space.

    3. Handling/control? - 50:50 weight distribution, excellent road to steering wheel feedback, feeling of safety and that your in control of the car.

    4. Performance? - the 318is I owned in '92 was no snail off at the lights, the M3 is sublime at all times.

    5. All of the above?

    6. They are now inexpensive? - completely depreciated in price, spares available from wreckers and other sources.

    I like 'em because of option 5 above, and 6 is the icing on the cake.

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    what you said

    Silicone intake boot
    Silicone rad hoses
    EMP Waterpump
    PWR Radiator
    Eyeball Arm CA mounts
    Sunbelt CAMS w chip for 24# injectors, Euro MAF, Conforti/ITG CAI
    96+ exhaust manifolds
    accessory UDPs
    M roadster lever
    Euro fLoAtErS
    GC RTAB shims, RSMs, T/S Coilover with Koni DA f/SA R & 450#f/550#r Eibach ERS
    All done in my garage

    corkscrew:Laguna Seca

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