I picked up a 2006 M5 with 24k on it last night... I must say the car is incredible. I have SMG and was unsure about how it would feel, early on I would say I "get it" and I am having nothing but fun with it.

The great part.... I bought a certified M3 last year and found out a year and 3 months later it had been nearly totaled. Dealer sold it to me as cert-preowned and accident free. The car was clipped in a parking lot which after it was repaired we asked for diminished value settlement and we were then told about the previous accident. Dealer gave me all of my money back and found my M5 for me. I paid $43,500 for the car including the certification! I think I got a crazy deal of a lifetime on the car.

One question though... is there only type of silver? I have silverstone but it looks odd in different light?

Anyway... car is fantastic!