Few days ago my wife came home and told me she scratched the car exiting a parking garage...When I asked her how bad, she said, pretty bad... and it was :-)
She caught one of those poles they usually put at the exit when she turned the wheel to soon...

I thought that repaint is unavoidable...and I spent so much time looking for a car with original paint....
I started cleaning the damage with 3M polishing compound, then scratch remover, and luckily, there was no paint damage at all!
Still, quite a few ugly dents and some of them didn't look too good...

My dent guy said the car should probably go to the bodyshop, but he'll see what he could do. Here is a pic while he was working on it:

Few hours later, it looks near perfect. It is truly unbelievable - the guy is an artist!

If anyone on DFW area needs a dent job, make yourself a favor, see Monte Purvis from Dent Works on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. (I'm not affiliated with the business, just a very satisfied customer)

Phone: (817) 735-4746
Address: 5626 CAMP BOWIE BLVD, FORT WORTH, TX 76107