I have been thinking about tires for my coupe and was hoping you guys might have some input! So my 99 Z3 has the 17" wheels, which according to tirerack has OEM sizes of 225/45 and 245/40.

The original owner had put on 235/40 and 255/40; they're on the car now.

If I were to keep to the wider sizes, I have significantly fewer choices than if I were to go with the OEM sizes. But as the car has been lowered (a bit more in the front than rear), would going back to a 45 profile tire up front possibly cause rubbing? Here's a pic I have, I can get a closer one if needed... http://farm1.static.flickr.com/33/67704607_f712cd8bac_o.jpg

What are my options here with sizing? Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions here.

Thanks in advance,