Had a minor incident recently which vividly illustrated, at least to me, why I seriously doubt I'd ever keep a modern BMW without either a warranty or big wallet.

My '08 335xi developed a case of intermittent headlight washers. No big deal, or so I thought. First, the fuse diagram shows a fuse that doesn't exist, which puzzles the mechanic, who I know to be a decent guy. Then, they ID the problem as some sort of headlight module, which is fairly easy to replace, but.......

It took well over FOUR HOURS to program a simple headlight module. I cannot imagine what this would have cost had the car not been under warranty. The dealer estimates several hundred dollars.

This is crazy-- a simple headlight washer requires PROGAMMING?? As much as I hate to admit it, I doubt I'd keep any BMW w/o a warranty. They are just getting too needlessly complex and crazy expensive to repair.

I have 2 years on the lease (I used to always buy). I either CPO this at the end & keep it a full 6 years, get another if the prices aren't too high and economy picks up or it's Subaru time. As much as I like BMW and have owned several since '96 I can't justify 54K + for a 3 series while my 401K languishes, thus requiring me to save even more. They're great cars, but I'd rather retire on schedule.

It's a shame, really. BMW's repair costs are just totally out of line with reality. Simple components like washers & dimmers, etc should NOT require hours of expensive programming. Sounds like "why tech" rather than "high tech".