talking in general terms/joking around, not calling you out in particular.

That said, I like manuals. And if it weren't for the fact it would be just one more pricey repair job waiting to happen one day, I'd be happy with hill assist. And I can assure you, I'm not a wuss and I've never been called one. At least to my face. lol

In fact, it's kinda funny to think that someone could somehow base how much of a man someone is on whether or not he enjoys fiddling with a clutch on a hill. But again, I'm assuming his comment was just a joke. Before you responded in fact, I only saw it as a joke.

Btw, you'll also hear people occasionally suggest that you're not a real man unless you drive a manual. Those same people may one day find out why the older guy is driving an auto, and we'll just have to wait and see if they enjoy hip or knee replacement surgery as much as the guy they're making fun of with the slushbox. :-)

'05 330i ZHP in Imola