Hello everybody. I just bought a new Z4M Roadster from a dealer in Virginia. The car is space grey with a black interior. Its not the exterior color I wanted but as best I can tell, this car was one of only two left in the country so I had to get it.

I have a couple of questions for anybody who knows. I had another dealer program the key memory so the doors lock automatically and the daytime running lamps (DRL) come on. I also asked that the car beep when I lock the doors. I was told they can't make the car beep but they did manage to turn on the DRLs. However, the lamps are barely visible. You almost have to put your face right up to the headlights to see the lighted ring. The service advisor says that its normal they are very dim. Anybody know otherwise?

Also, is there any way I can tap into the car's computer to do my own key programing?

BTW - anybody know of any new Z4M Roadsters out there black and black or red and black?

Thank you.