RE 92 E32 735Il M30 290Kmi, Noticing a light but anoying ticking sound from what seems to be the oil pan. It cycles about like as if it was a bely but I have checked them. I originally though it might have been the fan clutch since it seemed to have a slight bit of wobble but proper operation. Well new fan clutch and no change seems to have gotten a little noiser since last week. It can only he heard from outside not while driving. When I go near Ft bumper under the car near the pan when it's running its aparent there is a light rattle type noise. Not like a connecting rod. I suspect something relating to oil pump chain ? I'm lacking resources for information. Is there is a tensioner or the pump is shimmed to tension. (I've been using my old e28 bently to reference parts of the M30 but it falls short after 88 vintage ) I guess it could just be a loose chain but can't afford to risk major issue if something fails. It sounded like the block needed to be raised to remove the pan and am curious If pump or chain area may be observed with the sender out fo a quick inspection ? Thanks Ken