I've read lots on this forum about the oil separator. Usually accompanied by lots of loud noises and screeching from the engine.

Today my wife was driving our '96 740iL and it started making that noise. She called me and let me listen to it over the phone and it was quite loud, almost sounding like a fan belt screeching. However, when I got home tonight I fired it up and - no noise! It did smoke for awhile though. A very light colored smoke that looked like oil smoke and smelled like oil smoke. After it idled for awhile the smoke cleared out. I took it out for a drive and everything seemed normal. I stood on it and all was well until it shifted into 2nd gear and then it blew out white smoke out of both exhaust pipes. I backed off and it quit smoking. It runs and idles fine. I have pulled the dip stick and there is no rushing of air.

Is it possible that the oil separator valve is only partially broken? Or are these symptoms caused by something other than the oil separator valve?
Gary Dietz
1996 740iL - Aspen Silver