I did jump start 2 weeks ago and the first time got EML light to come on. Before jumping start, I do not remember EML problem on this car.

From then, EML often comes on while driving or at re-starting engine.
Once it comes on, still on after ignition off.
Even diconnecting battery does not solve the problem.
Of course it goes off by disconnecting battery, but after re-connecting battery, it comes on again.
DK motor seems to move while on but engine has no power.
After a long time interval(1 day or more), it goes off and engine runs fine for a while and it comes on again.

Today I changed another EML unit after light on.
It also did not solve the problem, so just EML unit seems to be fine.

Does anyone has similiar experience after jumping start?
Is there possibility to damage some electorical part?

91 750i 94,000km