i need a new MAF for a 2002 745i, but have not seen any online stores having them. But i was wondering, if the plug-in element from e39 540, 4.4/4.6 X5 MAF housing would also work?
I don't have security torx at the moment and car is in a parking garage, so i can't check the Bosch part number on the 745i sensor, but car drove great with Bosch sensor with same plug/connector (inside 745i MAF tube) when independent shop did some diagnostic work on the engine. I didn't think about that this time, so missed the manufacturers part numbers on the 745i one and the one they put on for testing. At least we were able to diagnose the faulty MAF.

Here are 540/M5 ones, though BMWs part numbers are not the same for 540 and M5, the plug-in sensors themselves seem to be the same: