I own a 2004 Z4 3.0.
I am at approximately 140,000 miles.
Never had any major problems until now.
Guess what. Cracked Cylinder Head!
No warranty left. Repair estimate is at about $7,200.00
It all began in 2006 with an oil leak gasket replacement.
The oil leak came back after a year and was replaced two more times.
In addition the valve cover assembly was also replaced.
The fourth trip nothing seemed faulty with the replacement parts so they cleaned things up and put them back together and the oil leak ceased.
The fifth trip (present day), mechanic drove the car for a day and thoroughly check the same oil leak. Now it was leaking at or near one of the spark plugs.
Dealership reported that the #2 cylinder head has a crack.
Any suggestions. Can BMW customer relations help me out on this one? Have I been screwed by bad mechanics that failed to fix the car and in the process they are the ones who have caused the cracked head. I have never been more upset about anything in my entire life. See me in the 5 o’clock news…next to the dealership that’s on fire.