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    Interior swap?

    Would there be any major interchangeability issues between an '89 735i and a '92 735iL? For example, with the additional 4" of legroom in the rear, does this indicate different door dimensions that would prevent swapping the interior door panels? Obviously, the variety of options can complicate things but I would be more concerned about year differences and the fact that one's an "i" and the other is an"iL". Thanks.

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    rear doors on the L are longer

    so the door panels do not fit.
    In addition usually the L has single rear seats, electric. They are differently installed than the standard rear seat.
    Electric rear seats in an i cannot be moved completely forward, the seat will touch the door panels.
    Then in addition the plugs and cable looms have to be used preferably from the other car.
    It is doable, but needs some modification, for example a bit welding for the base for the rear seat.
    Compare both here
    http://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.doShogun E32 Tech Tips: http://twrite.org/shogunnew/topmenu.html

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