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    Noisy rear and help for my 94-740i

    Late last fall I noticed a noise coming from the back end of my 94 740. I thought the noise was coming from the tires, but it persisted even after switching from my summer to stock tire/wheel package. In addition there were two distinct occasions when the rear end got very loose (started to come around) when accelerating (by no means heavy acceleration) after making a 90 degree turn. Both times the road was a little wet, but the behavior was very uncharacteristic for this car. Have not jacked the car up yet to investigate since it has been hibernating in the garage. So what should I be looking for when I do get under there? Things changed on the car over the last 3 years include new shocks and springs, rear dog-bones and driveshaft. PLEASE ADVISE

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    Re: Noisy rear and help for my 94-740i

    Hi Andrew

    It is very difficult to diagnose weird noises from the rear and you are unlikely to pick up anything based on a visual inspection. I have rarely found that I needed to change anything other than springs and shocks on Bmw rear suspension but the rear axle carrier bushes have a habit of going causing all sorts of problems.

    Best bet is to take it to an indy garage or suspension shop and have them check for play in the suspension components, then once diagnosed tackle the replacement yourself. One word of caution the rear axle carrier bushes job is very heavy as you need to support the rear axle and might be best left to your garage.

    See enc link for a parts diagram.

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