Hi, I just recently found this forum. I hope you can help me with my dilemma. I have been autocrossing for 10+ years and I recently moved from a highly prepared Miata to a highly volatile e46 M3 Convertible. Mainly because I needed the back seats for the new kids and I enjoy racing with the top down too much to get a coupe, so this as the best compromise with my SO...

I have driven the e46 M3 Vert for two seasons now. The first year I drove it completely stock, that was a huge change from my Miata... Last year I added UUC swaybars and that tamed the side to side lateral body roll a lot.

This season I am going to move up one class in my clubs points based system.

I miss my double adjustable dampers that I had on my Miata. My M3 bucks and dives way too much on acceleration and braking and I think a good set of DA dampers can help control that and help me speed up the weight transfer of this beast.

The problem is that with my clubs points system I only have enough room to add either Shocks and Springs without Camber Plates OR Shocks and Camber Plates with OEM Springs...

I cannot add all three or it pushes my car up two classes, and I don't want to do that.

So the question comes down to which would be better for autocross with my DA dampers with Stiffer aftermarket Springs or Camber Plates?

The surface we race on is pretty smooth concrete.

Can I get enough camber in front from lowering the car down an inch all around to 13.5F/13.0R with aftermarket springs?

Can I get enough camber with OEM springs and aftermarket (probably Volshlag) camber plates?

Thank you!