Need opinions here. I am sitting in a restaurant and watch a Honda 4 door Accord park next to my estoril blue M3 sedan, but the girl parks slightly over the line next to my car. The passenger in the left rear flings the door open, which looks like it might have hit the right rear door of my car. The 4 people in the car come in to the restaurant I am in. I finish my food, and go out to inspect the car. Yup, dinged just where I thought, with some small paint damage and a small dent. I go back in and tell the guy he hit my car. He says he is sorry, but nothing more, and does not appear to be willing to do anything else. I should have pressed harder, but didn't know how hard for something that is so common place. I went back to the car, and made note of the license of the Accord. The girl driver comes out and asks if I am taking the license plate, and I said sure am. She said, I didn't do it, the guy did, to which I said, your car was in the incident, your responsibility. She then tried to match up the ding with her car door and it did not quite line up, due to her car not having four people in it, and mine having one it as we talked (I had a passenger). To that, she said, "You're silly", and walked off, ignoring my other comments. Insurance says they are willing to fix, but if the other company will not take responsibility, then I have to pay. Just what rights do we have with something like this, and how would you handle. The paint damage is small (2 short lines), and the dent is easy for a paintless dent removal, but still, ticks me off.

- Phil