Great newZ, registration for ZFEST 2009 is officially open and we are well on our way to to a great event. Hats off to Chris and Robin for creating a registration system that is easy to use and comprehensive in the way it processes everyone’s registration and then sends a confirmation with detailed information immediately via email to the registrant.

If you did not register and pay yesterday, it is important that you do so no later than this Wednesday, March 3rd. Your pre-registration that was done some weeks ago does NOT guarantee you a place at ZFEST, it only allowed our system to simplify the final registration process. You must finalize the registration process at

I cannot stress the importance of you completing this process by Wednesday as we need to send about $20,000.00 (you read it right) in deposits to the various venues and without an exact head count, we cannot guarantee you a place at the Thursday reception, Friday dinner cruise or Saturday dinner and awards presentation. All of these are ticketed events and you will not be able to get in to them without a pass. The reason that we are requiring passes / tickets for all activities is because our host hotel and the surrounding venues are part of the resort complex and open to thousands of people. By requiring passes at each of our venues, we can control who has access to the facilities and activities which will help us control crowds and ensure the high quality experience that we want to provide to our attendees.

So the bottom line is:

If you did not register on Saturday (remember, pre-registration does not count) and you want to participate in ZFEST 2009, you must register by this Wednesday, March 3rd. After that date, you may be placed on a waiting list.

Also, if you are planning a convoy, please send the information to

I am planning to drive the Lincoln Highway from California and would love to have some cars join me for all or part of the trip. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Lastly, if you would like to discuss any aspect of ZFEST 2009 or ZFEST 2010, you are welcome to email me or call me at 209-480-2271. Remember, as the PreZident of the ZSCCA, the buck stops here and I love hearing form our members. So lets talk.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cincinatti.

Scott Pettit