F01/02 has hit the dealers. Looked myself today, but didn't have time to drive it yet. Accordingly, I can only comment on the styling for now.

Interior is beautiful. My only real gripe with the E66 was that some of the interior materials could have been better (mainly the miles of plastic painted to look like aluminum). Well, BMW has certainly addressed this in the F02. Interior materials are much richer. Almost makes the E66 feel low rent inside. Very nice!

Exterior left me a little flat. It's nice looking, and I didn't find any of the exterior elements offensive in any way. However, it seems a little bland. Very Lexus-like. I always liked the "presence" the E66 emanates. You won't mistake it for anything else. Not so much with the F02. It'll blend in with all the others in the parking lot. I walked away already looking forward to the infamous mid-cycle refresh. Lastly (but IMO very important), after seeing the different wheel choices in person...I still don't like any of them. They're all boring.

Hope to make some time in the near future to go for a drive. I'm sure that won't disappoint.