Hello everyone, its been a long time since my last visit but my 750 keeps me faithful to roadfly.
It seems like the alternator harness gave away. Apparently it costs approximately 700 dollars. If u look at it, it doesn't seem like much besides the fancy plug system for the oil sensor and the pain in the butt metal conduit to "protect" it from the heat, that also seems like it's a beast to take out since I would probably have to disassemble the left side of the engine to get to it.

I was looking in the archives and apparently some people have recommended to cut the wires remove them, replace the alternator wire with another one and solder the oil sensor wire together. Some have suggested NAPA as a wire supplier and other haven't specified but they stated the same argument, to just replace the alternator wire and solder the other wire components of the harness. Is this a good way to go or should I get the original harness?

If replacing it with another wire is a good way to go would anybody have any recommendations of what type of wire should I use, where can I get it, as well as soldering materials and technique? Any help will be appreciated.

While I'm at it I'm also experiencing pentosin leak from the left side of the motor section I have already replaced one line to PS pump. This leaks occurs only in cold weather and it seems like it may be from one of the lines from the canister itself but not sure. Can anybody give me some insight in that?