I open myself up to all the assorted geeks, experts, and purveyors of wisdom regarding the choice I am considering. I have a 2001 M3 with 125k miles. I bought it new, in 2001 with a healthy premium. I absolutely LOVE the car. Never do I drive it without thinking how much enjoyment I get from it. I am in the middle of a capital project, which keeps me from buying a new m3, but can't fathom the idea of not experiencing the daily pleasures of driving an m3. Enter a 2002 m3, dinan equipped, for ~$29k. Wondering whether I should buy the offered 2002, which has 45k miles, plus dinan, and then sell my 2001? My 2001 runs great with a history of very few problems. The 2002 has the nice dinan package (dinan wheels (+++), tower braces, exhaust, intake chamber, and chip) but is on its third owner. Super clean exterior but some rough areas in interior. Recent problem with catalytic converters. What do you think about staying with original, trusted, 2001 with 125k miles versus buying unknown with 45k miles? What do you think I could get for a 2001 m3 with 125k miles? Serious offers only...(my wife did not understand this, so let me explain: I am just making a joke about most car ads). Thanks. Dan