One of the simple pleasures in life, if .. it existed, would be to return the leather steering wheel and leather seats of our fine autos to their original matte flat factory condition. Especially the steering wheel. It's the primary interface to the car. A "shined out" steering wheel is just .. not right.

It seems like I've tried every kind of leather treatment marketed in the auto world. All of it leaves some level of sheen.. on new leather, and.. does little to nothing for aged shined out leather.

For the Coupe, I simply replaced the steering wheel. I ordered three wheels, and then picked out the one with the most "pebbling" (texture) as this fights "the shiney's". So the Coupe is ok, for now. The Z3 Roadster's wheel was gone, and the X5's wheel wasn't too far behind.

This week it occurred to me; Cow. Hands. Face. Cow. Leather. Face. Cow. Leather. hmmm... Spa treatment fer the derned car!!!

My wife suggested these two products. Use the face grinder first (my term) and work it in like heck with your hands, then, add the green sauce second (Just before the first dries. Don't remove the first product). Work 'em both in at that point. Several minutes. Don't do this on a hot day. The products need to stay wet. To work, the second one has to sit on there for 4 or 5 minutes. Keep working it. Ok, now clean the leather off with a hot water wet towel. Keep rinsing 'til its all off. Consider a round of washing with Dawn, and then rinse.

Well I'll be.. It actually worked!! The X5, and even the Z3's wheel look near new. Matte finish. Super soft. Leather is veeery happy.

Next project; The Coupe's seat butt and back panels. Passenger seats are ok. Driver's seat.. half way shined out.

Here are the products to net order:

Exfoliating Face Grinder
Fix My Leathery Face

'02 Z3 Coupe 3.0i [Hellröt II - Walnuß]
'03 X5 3.0i [GrauGrün - Beige]
'01 Z3 Roadster 3.0i [AlpenWeiß - TraumRöt]