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Thread: E38 to E65

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    E38 to E65

    I'm thinking of trading up to a 2005 745i with 48000 miles. I have had a 2001 740il for 4 years and of course love the car, I could do without some of the reapair bills. Does the 2005 E-65 have most of the problems that plauqued the E-65 in 2002/2003 resolved? The E38 uses a lot of plactic parts in the cooling system does the E-65? My E-38 is in the shop right now for this sort of problem.
    The E-65 is priced at $24500 which seems to be pretty goog for the socal area. It's a 745i not an 745iL I assume this is a bit of a draw back.

    Any guidance anyone can offer would be appricated.

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    Re: E38 to E65

    I did nearly the same as you are contemplating but changed my E38 for a 2002 E65.
    I got full (UK) BMW used car warranty on the E65 and needed it !!
    Although low mileage there were the expected electrical faults all of which were done under warranty and replacement parts were for the later models (e.g. satnav, boot/trunk closer mechanism, in-car phone etc). End result is a low mileage car (25k miles)with all the bugs ironed out (I hope).
    The E65 is a vastly better car than the E38, except for the shape. The power delivery via an engine with more grunt and an excellent 6 speed transmission is great.
    Go for it.

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    E38 to E65; W221?

    Why not go for a Mercedes W221 S550 2006?

    I guess the S550 could be a good choice. Paying attention to the arrival of BMW F02, 750. Hence E66 would not hold their value much better.

    Kung J

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