I've been following all of the complaints about run-flats on this board. Here is my story. I was driving my e90 like a real jack-[Oops!] and my co-workers were in the car with me including boss. Merging on the highway from the on-ramp, going faster than the car could handle for this particular bank I started to skid toward the side of the road... Brakes could not save me nor did I apply them liberally. The vehicle went over the curb and in to the weeds off the road. I was sure that at minimum my low profile tires were blown out, side of my car all scraped up and my Sport Package wheels all dented.

Not a single scratch on my car anywhere. All I could find was some dirt and weeds wedged around the mud shields. And the car tracks straight as it always did. Grant it I learned my lesson. I just wish my boss wasn't in the car. I feel really bad. To make a long story short, Run Flats rule! The noise and the impact from hitting the curb alone I could not have imagined the sidewalls could take such punishment at that high speed. The only thing different about this setup is that I just wish the tires would squeal a bit before reaching a threshold and just totally lossing traction. The threshold is impossible to predict unlike my previous cars.

The car doesn't drive any different but is it worth getting it checked out? I'll never be doing this again, but the emberrasment alone in front of my boss is enough to ruin my weekend.