Last night I pulled a strut off in order to start replacing the upper strut mounts as mine started squeeking this past winter when cold. While I had the strut out I inspected the other parts. I could move the lower control forward and back about 1/2 inch. Is this normal with the strut removed?

Unfortunetly, I could not get the top nut loosed in order to replace the mount and had to put it all back together. When I had my E28 I could use a spark plug socket on the nut and an allen wrench to hold the shaft and then use a big adjustable wrench to hold the shaft and get it off. The nut on the E34 is bigger and I guess I will take both struts off and have a shop replace the upper mounts. I dont' want to mess up the shafts as the shocks are good. FYI, I had the strut off of the car in 45 minutes.