I have found a low mileage (around 50,000) 1991 E34 M5 and I am considering purchasing it as a daily driver (less than 12000/year). I was wondering on what would be some of the things to look for as far as major repairs/concern areas etc.. The car looks like it is in great shape inside and out. It is a third owner car and I would be the fourth.

I do have one concern; the valves were bent by the second owner by over reving the car when it was cold. They were replaced by the local BMW dealer along with complete tune up including valve adjustment at 31,657. At 34,517 the owner had them replace the head gasket and the timing chain cover gaskets. Also replaced the air intake boot and the vacuum reservoir. In April of '07, after parking it for the winter the owner complained of valve noise and had them adjusted. In July of '07 BMW Dealer found six bent valves so the cylinder head was rebuilt.

I currently have a perfectly running 1986 E24 635 120,000 miles, that is my weekend car. I bought the E24 from my father who purchased the car from the dealer in 1986. I know the maintenance reputation of a BMW but also wanted to know if the maintenance would be similar to my E24.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply. I look forward to everyone’s feedback.

Mueller86er: 86 635csi,5-Speed
Spring, Texas