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    M3 front bumper cover

    I was curious if anyone has done this but I have a 07' 335i and I have a friend who has a front and rear OEM E92 M3 bumper covers. Will they bolt up? I know I will have to get the mesh grill etc but I was worried about them bolting up...any ideas?


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    I bet there's a guy in Germany somewhere who knows

    the answer to that question. I don't know how to get in touch with him.

    Short of that, I bet you'll just have to do some exploring around before you can track down an answer to this. I'd maybe try to chat up some guy in a BMW dealer's body shop to pick his brain.

    And my intuition tells me that you'll probably have something not match up. Every time I see something listed for an M3, it so different than the civilian version. I do recall reading somewhere that the M3 shares no body parts in common with the normal car.
    I'm not saying I'd give up, but those are my thoughts.

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    Re: M3 front bumper cover

    Specs show they're both 71.5" in width which would give you reason for hope, but I'm betting there's something going on under the body parts that would prohibit an easy and seamless swap.

    The easiest way to determine if it's even worth looking into further would just be to climb under your car and see where and how the bumper covers attach, then compare that to where the M3's pieces do the same.

    Right off the top of my head I'd figure you couldn't use the rear bumper covers if for no other reason than the exhaust cutout's would be entirely different than the 3 Series. Unless of course you want to start cutting and such, and that just seems wrong.


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