My wife's X3 lease is up. We are looking at a 525/528 xi. Which way would you go? We can get a certified 525xi with 28k miles and almost all options for @ $30k with .9/1.9/2.9 depending on financing length. The monthly payment isn't that big a deal to me if I'm getting a great interest rate. Or, as a returning BMW X3 customer I can lease a new 528 x drive with premium and cold weather for @ $500/mo (including tax) for 36 mo, plus @ $5k down. So the 36 months would cost about $23k over the 3 years. My understanding is the new one has about 15 more horsepower. I don't know of any other significant changes. We normally keep cars a long time. I bought my Z4 off lease, it's a 2003, we also have a 99 Lexus and a 94 Camry both of which we have had in the family for many years.
Also, we have never owned a 5 series. We really like the X3, but thought it might be nice to try something different this time. Any thoughts or experience with the current 5 series?