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    Help me select a good 740i

    I sold my e32 a couple of years ago and have been itching for an e38 ever since. Sure I had many of the usual repairs; radiator, ball joints, inst cluster, O2 sensor, even had to rebuild the tranny. Over the 5 years I had the car, pretty minor really, (I could have done w/out the tranny failure).

    So I think I want a '99 740i. Don't care for the GPS, do like the vanos torque, prefer the shorter wheelbase, I assume w/out self leveling I had on the 735il.

    My questions; Does the sport have lower rear end gears and does that effect the MPG? Can I find M parallel wheels on a non sport? Can I find a 2000 w/out GPS? Is traction control standard both years, how does it work, is there a switch? Any other tips greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help me select a good 740i

    The short body sport has a few significant mechanical differences from the rest of the fleet. The big ones are the different rear differential gearing (that does slightly reduce gas mileage), higher stall speed torque converter, and lower and stiffer suspension.

    You can get the M-Par wheels on all other models. They were an option for the cars that many folks selected.

    The short body sport does not have the self-leveling suspension. However, that is an option on the non sport and long body models.

    Traction control of some form was standard in all US E38s. It changed with some advancements, but they all had it. There is a button on the center console to turn it off.

    GPS became standard in 2000 in the US, so you will not find any 2000 or newer E38s in the US without GPS. However... you might want to think some more about GPS. Besides the GPS itself, it is a way improved interface for the DSP amp, radio, on-board computer, and other MID functions. Second, the MID and radios had problems with failing pixels. That is not a problem on the GPS. And finally, you can upgrade the radio and navigation computer to add all kinds of newer BMW OE features such as Sirius, aux input, DVD-based navigation, MP3 CD changer, etc. None of these things are possible on the standard radio.

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