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    I have a 2006 Z4 3.0. I am looking for a "performance" exhaust. I really don't need any more performance but I would like a little more sound. I had a Dinan exhaust for my 1999 528i but they don't seem to make one for the 2006 Z4. Any suggestions? I don't want it too loud or too ricey.

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    Re: Exhaust

    Know your plight...just went thru it. We have the 08, post face lift of course Z4si..wanted same change, more sound, better feel but not ricey. Checked everyone, ad nuaseum. Went with the Stebro rear muffler by itself. Great sound, feel and fit. One cut at rear and whole unit was up in and I was out in less the 45 minutes. Pitch of muffler [read, low hanging issue was same as stock] and he cut off at a point that gave me the choice of how far out or in the final tips would be seen. The tips are double walled, solid and stainless.

    Now, Stebro is in Canada...they had when I inquired, ["no problem" of course]ones ready to ship; but when checking further and pressing them, the ones they had available in Dec/Jan were for pre-face lift. Those would NOT work on this car..I knew that and insisted on later version. They had to bring in an 08 Z4...[they had a customer coming there which was wonderful]measure, re-jig and I waited 8 weeks..BUT they re-assured me it would fit. I was a bit skeptical, but low and behold, they have it right. My fabricator here, made the cuts at rear and it slipped right on, the brackets fit right up and it was done. I DID tho, order better clamps, to tighten things down,but thats your choice. I am impressed, the sound is great- low, growly,not riced, and the drone at say 2500 etc is just right..then it levels out and is NOT offensive with top or down. Just my .03cents worth...best of luck on the search. And no, I affliated..but they did me fine...we are verrrry happy.

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