My washer pump stopped working. I opened the pump and took it a part, soaked all it in CLR over night. To get magnets out just remove the U shaped clip. Do not bent anything on the housing. Removed it from CLR and cleaned all the rust. Attached the center part to a drill and sand the main spool and the brush connector for about 15 seconds with 1000 sand paper, while running the drill. Put everything back together and it worked fine for about 3 days. I took it out checked it and it still works. So it is not the pump. BTW the pump gets water inside, gets rusted and stop working. Now I found there is no power to the pump. I thought it is wiper module. I did not have the module and decided to check the switch on the steering column. It was not working. I took it out. Remove upper and lower column covers and remove the switch. Drill two rivets and disassemble the switch. Be careful a lot of small parts in it. I found the contact that had burns on it, took a dremmel and a fine wire wheel. Polished the burns out and put everything back together. I used two small bolts with a nut to close it instead of rivets. Put a little paint on the thread over the nut. I had to enlarge the hole for the bolt a little for the smallest stainless steel bolt I found at True value. Bolt was $0.25, nut was $0.30, times two.
That was it. Works well. I hope this helps some one. Other steering column switches and even a brake switch could be fixed the same way. For the brake switch you need very small tools and you have to drill holes on the side of the housing to gain access to the burnt contacts. Do not over do it when polishing contacts. I had fixed the brake light switch about 4-5 years ago this way and it is still good.